Medical Career Certification

Med-Certification has a very effective pre-testing process to help you prepare for certification. The CertBlaster Exam simulates a realistic test environment with questions to help you fully prepare for the actual certification exam.

  • 100s of Medical and Legal Practice Exam Questions and Case Studies
  • Practice Exams to evaluate your personal knowledge base
  • You get the answers to compare to your own
  • Focus on areas you need for research and further study
  • Evaluate your performance and readiness for certification testing

Industry surveys show that certified staff earn more than their non-certified peers.

Example: Certified coders earn nearly 20% more!

No matter how good the training materials, just studying for a certification exam is not always enough. You still have to pass the difficult and sometimes tricky exam itself. The CertBlaster Exam Simulations are the most up-to-date assessment tools available. Once you complete our CertBlaster Exam Simulations, you will know exactly what to expect when you move on for actual certification.

The CertBlaster® Exam Simulator exposes you to the same type of questions that you will see on any specialty exam. The exam simulators provide test answers so you can compare yours to see potential errors or areas of research and study you might require. With the CertBlaster® Exam Simulators, you can evaluate your performance. When you are comfortable that you know your stuff, you should have the confidence to be able to pass National Certification or any other certifying exam.

You will use your references – coding books, and other course or training materials you have on hand to do the CertBlaster® Exam Simulations. The same is true with the Exam-Guard final certification test.

To review the practice or certification test that interests you, just click on any of the Medical or Legal categories as listed below or on the left.

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Medical and legal industry certification (billing, coding, insurance, transcription (both medical and legal), and more…

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Earn CECs (Continuing Education Credits) in a variety of industry specialties here.