Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHIS)



Certification Test: $199.00/Practice Test $99.00

This certification represents an individual’s knowledge about all third party payer processes, rules and regulations, a good knowledge of the reimbursement process and the ability to address and reduce billing/coding errors, file appeals, and submit and resubmit claims. A knowledge of coding and billing is required. The individual must also understand how to contribute to the accounts receivable management function in a provider office. Note: Do not apply for this certification if you are seeking BILLING certification since the Health Insurance Specialist is included in the CBS certification process.


To achieve certification, an individual must have completed an educational training course in medical billing, which includes health insurance claims processing, or have 6 months’ experience in a provider’s office (with verification of training/or experience).

Practice and Certification Testing

Cert-blaster (Practice Test – $99.00): Competency related to third party payer processes, rules and regulations with case scenarios and exercises on actual payer processes. The practice test takes about an hour and simulates the type of questions that are on the certification test. The tests are on-line, take about an hour or so, are open book, and when submitted, you are provided the answers to the questions for your review and further study (if needed).

Exam-Guard (Certification Test – $199.00): The certification test takes 2 hours, is timed, and the results are reported to you within 48 hours. The test is reviewed by an instructor prior to issuing the final grade and certificate

Application: If you plan to order now or in the near future, please fill out the application. Click, then print and return via fax or email.


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