Paralegal-Legal Assistant Training Course



Paralegal Training Course – Legal Assistant Training Course

What is a Paralegal-Legal Assistant?
Defined by the National Federation of Paralegal Association it is a “person qualified through education to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts, and is customarily, but not exclusively, performed by a lawyer.”

Employment Opportunities:
Paralegals-assistants prepare legal documents, research case law, interview clients and witnesses, research and prepare citations, calendar and track important deadlines, assist attorneys to prepare for trials, document relevant facts and information pertaining to a lawsuit, organize and maintain client files, and use computers and related software, as well as other reference materials to research and document law, and to prepare the documents required by the court or administrative entities. Many practice law. You may remember the movie about Erin Broncovich. She is a paralegal and she certainly made a difference (not to mention a substantial income).

Home Business Opportunity: An ever-growing number of paralegal-legal assistants are working at home, an exciting prospect indeed for all of the advantages it affords.

Skills: Requires good communication, writing, and keyboarding, and a good working knowledge of where to find and how to use on-line and law library research related to cases under litigation. You will be taught to do on-line and law library research, quote citations, prepare cases, do interviews, and write legal documents.

Certification: Each state has varying to no requirements for certification. The most commonly known is the “Certified Legal Assistant” (CLA). The training is sufficient to sit for that examination.

Detailed information on the paralegal – legal assistant training course:
Paralegal – Legal Assistant Training Course.

Consider adding Legal Transcription to this course to provide dictation-transcription practice and improve keyboarding skills. Read about it here: Legal Transcription Training Course.

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