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Hello, and welcome to our site. We want you to know we know what we are doing, how to make medical and legal careers easily learnable and lots about getting work. We’ve been at it a long, long time. Need to get certified? We do that too!

The staff involved in creating the training programs and in developing the certification criteria and testing are well qualified in the health and legal fields. Much of the foundation for the training programs came through Meditech with its many clients in the medical and legal field.  The collective experience includes many years in the business of outsourced medical transcription, coding and billing, medical office administration, patient information and management software development and utilization, and a broad background in the law. The training programs were ultimately delivered on the Internet, one of the earliest successful commercial efforts for online education (1994). The programs were the benchmark of online education since 1995 and are still widely used by hundreds of schools throughout the world.

Here are highlights:

  • 2012 – First online training for the ICD-10 coding system
  • 2003 – First practical internships for trainees
  • 1996 – First online training program on the Internet, Transcription
  • 1994 – First on-line medical training courses on the Internet
  • 1992 – First electronic file transmission to medical providers
  • 1990 – First transcription company to use PCs and word software
  • 1989 – TRIAGE Software design for patient information and accounts receivable system for Utah State
  • 1987 – First pilot program for Blue Cross, Medicare electronic claims/payment processing
  • 1985 – First to set up pilot program for outsourcing legal court hearing transcription
  • 1980 – Regional and National Coding Seminars
  • 1983 – Assisted and supported AAMT’s emergence, chaired Utah/Idaho Chapters
  • 1979 – Coding/billing contract State of Utah Department of Health
  • 1972 – Partnered with IBM to create stroke counters for typewriters
  • 1969 – First transcription company to provide outsourcing for transcription, then coding, and billing

The staff who built the foundation of the business itself, the training programs, with the cutting edge educational standards, and the knowledge and experience-based certification processes are experts in their various fields.

Staff and Advisors

Jari Davis – Course Author
Background: Coder-abstracter and administrator for the World Health Organization. Set up the standards for data generation and collection for WHO and various NIH federal government grants to various medical departments.
Established Meditech. Initiated ongoing training programs for Meditech employees. Established the accounts receivable, patient information system for the Utah State Department of Family Health Services, TRIAGE, 1989 to 1996. Provided consultant services to many hospitals/clinics in medical transcription, coding training and billing functions. Formalized the training programs in early 1990s for on-line education – competency-based learning. Feature writer for various medical/legal publications in magazines, journals and textbooks. Major contributor to medical/legal online dictionaries.

  • 1977 – Named Utah Businesswoman of the year by Utah Business Women’s organization.
  • 1983 – First Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) in Utah. Chaired the Utah Chapter of the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT) and served as the President for two years thereafter. Initiated the Idaho and assisted with the Wyoming Chapters of this organization.
  • 1990 – Named “Boss of the Year” by the Utah Businesswomen’s Association.
  • Guardian ad litem in children’s program through Juvenile Court System, CASA Volunteer, working with children in various stressful homes, exploring potential programs to enhance child development, and recommending to the Juvenile Court authorities a course of action specifically designed to assist and benefit the affected children.

Jim P. Hansen, B.S., M.S. – Staff Member, Advisor, Board Member, International Education Business representative, Educational Model specialist and facilitator. Business, Development, Education Consultant. Consultant-facilitator of an online educational model for International College of Moscow State University, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, a joint venture of University of Colorado at Denver for delivery on an online higher education program. Developed an online educational model for K-14 integrated educational residential curricula with online instruction focusing on online instruction with classroom, activities and laboratory services support. Consulted with the Dean of the University of Colorado at Denver to organize and implement a cooperative program with a private for-profit international university whereby the curriculum was granted full accreditation through staff/faculty contract with the university. The model has been successfully expanded internationally through a similar arrangement with Moscow State University and is being replicated in Beijing. A similar model using real time audiovisual and hypertext communications is presently being formulated which in effect would be a cyberspace university, fully accredited. This plan is currently being processed through Denmark with a broad international student and potential student clientele.

Invited by Bill Clinton’s committee to provide a white paper on health care problems and solutions while Bill was preparing to run for president, Jim and Jari Davis co-authored the information that provided many of the fundamentals for much of the reform that President Clinton attempted while in office.

Marvin D. Loflin, Ph.D.
Pioneered online education at the University of Colorado. Currently working on Hispanic online educational platform.

Gary Stanford, M.D.
Specialty: Ophthalmology, ACS Fellow, Oph Society, RCS Cancer Fellow

Gary McCall, Staff Member, Website Development, Technical Support Certificates: SDMCE – CDSI – Software Process Management, University of Maryland University College – Process Peer Review, NetIQ Corporation – WebTrends Analysis Advanced. Trained by Meditech in 1985, assisted with the development of a relational database management system for A/R, which was marketed by Meditech nationally through an IBM Partnership Program as the Triage® Medical A/R System. Also assisted with transcription, coding, and billing operations within the company, and implemented the first electronic system for delivery of transcribed materials to remote client locations. Also assisted in the initial development of the company’s first website.

In September of 1995, joined Computer Data Systems, Inc. (CDSI) on a GSA contract with the U.S. Army, developed and launched the first public Internet website for Dugway Proving Ground. This led to an administrative position in website management with the U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA Web Services Team. Primary developer for OSHA’s website, acted as the task lead and was the primary liaison between all agency offices and the deputy director for website operations.

More than 14 years experience in the development of Internet content, up to and including management of websites containing more than 30,000 documents, OSHA and Meditech, Med-Certification, National Certification Services.
Recognition/Awards: Excellence Award: ACS – Technical Excellence – November 1998, Excellence Award: ACS – Organizational Excellence – February 2001, Letter of Appreciation: U.S. Army, Joint Contact Point, Dugway – Gary Resnick, Technical Director and Chief Scientist – February 1996, Letter of Appreciation: OSHA Director of Information Technology, Cheryle Greenaugh – April 2000, Letter of Appreciation: OSHA Director of Information Technology, Cheryle Greenaugh – July 2000, Certificate of Recognition – OSHA Customer Service – January 2001, Letter of Appreciation: OSHA Director of Information Technology, Cheryle Greenaugh – April 2001, Letter of Appreciation: U.S. Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao – September 2002.

Philip R. Hughes, Attorney at Law
J.D. College of Law, University of Denver
B.S. Mining Engineering, Cum Laude, University of Utah
Legal services for private and business clients, business, real estate, personal injury, adoption, creditor-debtor, bankruptcy law, estate planning and various other legal matters.  Online education seminars.  (www.legal-training.com)

Judge pro tem, Third Circuit Court, Salt Lake Department.

Jason Davis – Instructor, Staff Member. Participated in and learned and then managed Meditech service functions and was closely involved with on the job training for Meditech employees prior to the more formal training program development and implementation. The fearless leader who took on education on the Internet, designing the first Meditec website and serving as the webmaster. Assisted with porting the huge Word files into the educational platform that has served thousands of clients and students since 1994. Established Astrochannels.com, the first international on-line real time deep space live observatory, complete with chat room. Plans are underway for educational programs using the observatory.

Joshua Davis – Staff Member – Initially worked for America Online (AOL) customer support. Built the infrastructure for the business side of the Meditec on-line operation, registration, tracking, and student database management. Co-developer of Unix-based relational database, Triage (marketed by Meditech).

Julie Edwards – Staff Member – Trained in Medical Billing-Coding, data input, insurance processing, and patient record management. With advent of educational programs, became Student Affairs and Enrollment Counselor, committed to service for which she has received many awards. Primary facilitator for Workforce Implementation for Education and Training. Currently provides certification interface, test evaluation, CEU file maintenance, and certification processes.

Jodi McCall – Staff Member – Trained in Medical Billing-Coding and related data entry. On the educational side, became Student Affairs and Enrollment Counselor and provided various student support services. For Med-Certification, works with certification file management, processing and CEU maintenance.

Corie Baumeister – Staff Member, Instructor and Manager of the Jumpstart Internship and Placement Program. Completed Meditech’s training courses and operated a home-based medical transcription business. She came to Meditech to plan and administer the Jumpstart Internship Program and to provide live instructor functions for course questions and answers. Contributed to the courseware in transcription and coding, and the program “Transitioning, Student to MT.” Managed the secondary level placement training for successful candidates of the MT and coding programs. Administator of the competency testing and recommendations. In charge of the Q & A editors who work with the interns.

Connie Kwikla – Staff Member, Instructor, Assistant Manager, Internship Programs.
Trained by Meditech, functions as the primary Q & A supervisor for medical transcription internship program.
Monitors updates in “rules” for MT work and coding updates (ICD and CPT).

Deb Meister, CPC-H, CCA
Outpatient Surgery Coding Supervisor
Sunhealth Systems Arizona


Unicormed – publisher Efile and hard copy ICD-Codebooks, Alpha II coding software

BC Advantage – Med-certification partner for continuing education credit (CEUs): BC Advantage Online CEU center, the industry’s most affordable online CEU resource. CEUs available for: AAPC, AHIMA, ARHCP, PMI, PAHCS, PHIA, POMAA, MAB, MED-CERT, NEBA, PAHCOM, AHCAE, PMBA

ZyDoc Medical Transcription: www.zydoc.com – For Medical Transcription Software Solutions.

Sponsor Member: AHDI – The Association for Healthcare Documentation and Integrity. MTIA –

MT Daily: www.mtdaily.com – Medical Transcription Information Source.

Consulting and Seminars plus outsource services, management of accounts receivable, coding billing, and transcription.
University Medical Center

Utah State Family Health Services

Indian Health Service Hospitals”Indian Health Service Hospitals Consulting, medical billing, coding and transcription for related hospitals in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Alaska.

Hundreds of private practice doctors and many hospitals.

Schools and Vendors: Hundreds of schools use the Meditech learning platforms throughout the world. Major curricula vendors provide Meditech products, ProTrain, JER On-line, DTI PUblishing, CBT Direct and 360Training.com. etc.