Medical Scribe Training Course



Medical Scribe Training Course – Learn to be a Medical Scribe and be ready to work when course is complete
TIME FOR COMPLETION: 500 hours (225 instruction, 275 laboratory/practicum

What is a Medical Scribe?
A great new career in the provider support team assisting the provider in charting  for the Electronic Medical Record to include reason for encounter, physical findings, lab data, pharmacy products prescribed, and patient follow-up.  Learn  everything you need to know to become a Medical Scribe. Included are

  1. Medical Terminology
  2. Electronic Medical Records
  3. Medical Reports for analysis
  4. Coding Training.

The scribe starts in the exam room before and during the provider encounter where the scribe records the history, examination, treatment plan, and other clinical data in real time, while the physician interacts with the patient, to reminding providers of treatment plans, checking to be sure test results are received, and prescriptions are  filled or refilled. Medical coding is often part of the responsibility and a knowledge of billing is important too. For complete syllabus details, go here: Scribe Course

What to Expect:
The training will provide the career skills for medical scribing in clinical and institutional settings. It is complete with comprehensive test and practice exams to provide not only the basic theories needed, but have lots of hands on experience all the way. It’s a ready to work program!!

Labor Market

Scribes make a huge difference in the practice from a time and revenue standpoint.  Providers are not stuck doing keyboarding instead of “doctoring,” so they are able to see more patients, and revenue is increased accordingly.

Payment and Financing:
Pay in full or finance: The simplest method is PayPal BillMeLater, available to any PayPal account holder. When you are in your PayPal account, you have the option to use your PP balance, a credit card or BillMeLater. If you don’t have a BillMeLater account, It takes about 30 seconds for a quick credit score, and PP will either approve or decline the credit. If approved, you can finish the transaction. PP options offer no interest on set monthly terms. You may also choose to use our PP invoice system, so just let us know if you wish invoicing.