• Career advancement
  • Personal pride
  • Professional growth and development
  • Often results in increased compensation
  • Many healthcare and legal jobs already require it or will eventually

The healthcare industry continues to represent the fastest growing segment of the economy and historically has been more recession-proof than almost any other field.  U.S. Department of Labor statistics show that medical and legal jobs continue to demonstrate strong growth currently and that trend is anticipated to continue well into the future.

For 40 years, NCS staff have evaluated and predicted what the future requirements for medical and legal office staffing will require.  They believe that for the professionalism and regulatory requirements, certification is increaslngly important.  To help providers, employees and contractors meet their goals, med-certification.com offers certification and continuing education credit services.

If you have training (whether at a school or on the job) in the following fields, we can help:

  • Health Insurance Specialist
  • Billing
  • Coding
  • Office Assistant
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Medical Transcription
  • Legal Transcription/Legal Secretary
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Med-Certification has a very effective pre-testing process to help prepare for any certification testing. That way, you don’t need to worry or pay for other study guides or books in your field of interest or expertise. The practice test, “CertBlaster” simulates a realistic test environment with lots of questions to help you assess your personal knowledge and prepare for the actual Exam-Guard certification, exclusively from med-certification.com. The CertBlaster uses 100s of Practice Exam Questions and Case Studies for you to research and answer. Once you click, the SUBMIT button, you get the answers so you may review until you are comfortable with your testable knowledge base.

CEUs are easily done here at Med-Certification. Whether you use ours or others (that are approved), we’ll keep track of what you need and what you have.

THE SURE WAY TO PASS THE CERTIFICATION EXAM: The CertBlaster Exam Simulations are the most up-to-date and true assessment tools available. Once a CertBlaster Exam Simulations practice test is completed, the applicant knows exactly what to expect in the actual certification. This process provides the confidence to be able to pass National Certification’s Exam-Guard with ease.

If you are thinking about expanding your horizons for upward mobility on your job or knowledge base, visit: http:www.meditec.com for some great training options. All the courses are on-line, open enrollment, learn at your own pace, AT HOME!! Other business training is available from Meditec’s educational training partners.

NEED TESTS FOR YOUR SCHOOL OR INDUSTRIAL NITCH? Contact us with your wish list and we’ll design your test and grading process.