National Certification Services provides educational opportunities, study guides and certification testing as  NCS-MC certifies and provides continuing education credits for Medical Coding Specialist, Billers, Transcriptionists, Office Assistants, Office Administration, and Paralegal and Legal Assistant careers.  The NCS staff  with its many years of combined experience has developed various training programs under the Med-Certification Learning Management System (LMS) including both Medical and Legal Training Programs, as well as competency testing currently used by many companies in both medicine and law.  The knowledge and skills acquired through formal or on the job training are tested and certified.  If skills are inadequate, applicants are guided to appropriate remedial information.  Any additional training required is all provided on-line.

Increasing numbers of trained Medical Billing Specialists and career-oriented professionals enter the healthcare and legal fields every year. The labor force shares common goals, interests and needs. To help providers and employees meet these needs, NCS-MC was organized to provide certification and continuing education services (CECs, CEUs) as well as remediation.

NCS-MC  provides related study guides and practice tests “Cert-blasters” and the certification exams “Exam-Guard.”  The tests are benchmarks in the professional fields we serve.  The testing is all on-line.  We are professional test developers for other job skills as well.

Take advantage of Med-Certifications CEU Program. In cooperation with BC Advantage Online CEU Center, we offer you a streamlined online continuing education credit process for medical and legal occupations to meet industry-standard requirements.   If you are interested in customized CEUs we will provide them for you on any specialty.

Call 888-771-1902 or visit to talk with Med-Certification regarding a medical field career through a medical transcription school.