Membership is required for any of the certification tests, however, you may take any practice test without a membership.

Membership fee for the first year is included in your certification testing fee. After one year, the membership fee is $55 per year to maintain.  If you wish NCS-Med-Certification to track your CEUs AND your certification, the fee is $99 per year.

  • $55.00 first year, certification record, no CEU tracking
  • $99.00 full record with CEU updates and certification records.

To apply for your membership Call 888-771-1902 and the application form will be emailed to you.

Fax the form to the telephone number on your application or scan and email to

Note: You will need to provide proof of training and/or experience. When you return your application, please attach a statement from your employer attesting to your experience or a “certificate of completion” or other notification of verification from any training program(s) in which you are/were enrolled. Med-Certification will maintain your membership on file including tracking your Continuing Education Credits so that your certification will remain active. You will need to provide evidence of your CECs as you obtain, then provide them to NCS so that your record is updated timely.

When you are provided access to the certification test, you will have 5 day window to take the test. If you fail to take it within that window, an additional fee of $25 will be charged.

When your test results are validated, you will receive the credential by mail. The credential will be mailed to your current address as provided on your application.

The practice testing provides you the results so that you may compare your answers with the correct answers. The certification test requires 70% passing score for certification.

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