Medical Coding is an career that provides a lot of potential.  The principle activity associated with Medical Coding is to choose unique codes to descrive various medical services, which are then put on the insurance claims and sent to the insurance companies for payment.

The career path certainly has a great growth potential. Medical industries have a high demand for medical coders, and as of 2014 the demand is expected to increase faster than ever.  Therefore, medical coding has exceptional potential for motivated individuals and well trained individuals. We do that at

One of the most common reasons that people are attracted to a career in Medical Coding is the possibility of working at home though some employers may require them to work on-site.
A larger percentage of employers allow for flexible hours and location, meaning employees get the advantage of working from home which actually saves employers overhead costs.  There are also varying sub-sets of Medical Coding.  Medical coders can focus on a specific industry (dental, chiropractic, etc.).

The newest coding protocol is the ICD-10 and it’s a huge change from the old diagnostic coding systems. Those who learn it will be way ahead.

Medical Coding systematizes data by creating uniformity in reporting for virtually every provider service and standard diagnostic information.

With the good, there’s always the bad.  Medical Coding is a technical and those who want to do it must have a very good understanding of medical terminology and be precise in their work. It does take several months to learn it all. Read more on the website, ‘

The positives far outweigh the negatives, so coding is a good career choice.