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Free Information


The career guides and free medical billing-coding minicourses are to provide an overview of each career, what’s involved in the job, how to learn to do it, and what to expect in terms of earnings and advancement. The problem: 50 or so website spammers found this page, liked it so well they linked to it which Google and other search engines don’t like. So we removed the links.

BUT, you can still order what you are interested in by email request.

EMAIL INFO@med-certification.com

The All Abouts are:

  • All About Medical Billing or Medical Billing and Coding
  • All About Medical Office Careers – Assistant, both Back and Front Office and Office Administration
  • All About Pharmacy Technologist
  • All About Medical Transcription and EMR Management
  • All About Legal Careers – Legal Transcription, Legal Secretary, Paralegal and Legal Assistant


See the above for email requests. Here are samples of platform learning to provide a real feel for content, delivery, and ease of learning (memory reinforcement). Choose any or all of them. You will have a lots more information to help make a decision.

  • Medical Transcription Minicourse
  • Medical Coding Minicourse
  • Legal Training Minicourse

Want to find out what you are good at? A free Career Development and Life Planner (a course itself) is available for your participation. It was $24.95 but is available for free.

This course is designed to teach you to analyze your talent, interest, and ability, and then focus on how to channel your assets into your living process, both personal and from a career standpoint. It is entirely interactive so you will learn a lot about yourself.

The Career Development Module covers the following general topics:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Research
  • Decision-Making
  • Networks and Contacts
  • Work Offers and Acceptance
  • Life-Work Planning

How to get it: See the above email request or call 888-771-1902

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