If you plan a career in health care, after the training, certification is important. Since CMAs play a vital role in assisting providers in health care, they’re expected to know all about medical care and the legal issues (especially since they handle and process sensitive patient information).

Testing is used to make sure the candidate knows all they should to successfully perform. Three important steps are involved: Reviewing lesson material and practice tests work very well as first steps, then the certification testing is done. Med-Certification provides all three.

Since Medical Assistant qualifications require such a broad knowledge of medical terminology it is important to learn as much as one can since much of the testing will ask medical questions.

Depending on where you receive your training, many institutions offer practice tests.  These tests are often formatted in a manner that is very similar to the live test questions.  This will help you get a more accurately understand what to expect with exam questions during the testing.

Common topics and good knowledge bases for Medical Assistant exams include the following:

  • lab procedures
  • medical diagnoses and treatments
  • customer service
  • record keeping, both hard copy and electronic
  • medications and their administration
  • billing and insurance claim coding
  • appointment scheduling

With all the things one has to know in preparing for the big exam step, condensed study guides or even tests like those we use at Med-Certification offer lots of useful help.

All-in-all, the key to passing is study, study, study.