Chocolate lovers benefit is proven. Findings of the Norfolk Study (with 155 participants) show that regular consumption of chocolate decreases cardiovascular risks, including strokes. This was a 12 year monitoring project with the people in the test group eating 7 grams or more per day (some in the study group ate much more than that, up to 100 grams per day). Higher levels were associated with lower CV risks. The higher intakes projected an 11% lower risk and 25% lower in associated death. Hospital admission likelihood was 9% less.

chocolate health benefits

Other related observation showed that chocolate eaters were actually healthier. They had lower weight, more energy, were more active with physical activity (a major factor in reducing CV events, e.g., stroke, heart attack), less alcohol consumption. It was also interesting that fewer of the study group developed diabetes. The flavanols in dark chocolate stimulate the endothelium (lining of the arteries) which helps lower blood pressure.

Dark chocolate is the most beneficial though the lighter ones still work. Chocolate is derived from cacao beans which are loaded with minerals and antioxidants. Dark chocolate has 11 grams and for the average RDA has 67% iron, 58% magnesium, 89% copper, 98% manganese, and potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. It is recommended that the chocolate contain at least 70% dark chocolate.

Oh, happy day! Rejoice chocolate addicts! But, don’t overdo it.