Hard to believe but the Baby Boomers reached retirement age in 2011.  Having officially joined the aging population, more medical care is required, thus more healthcare workers.  Because of the significant increase, the industry is looking at where they will recruit the new workers since so many of the older ones will be retiring.

For those who think they are over the hill, there is good news — it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that workers 50 or over will be used because of their experience and the willingness to actually work.  AARP reports that 35% of the U.S. labor force will be 50 or older by 2022, an increase of 10%.


Since older workers have largely been discriminated against, that’s great news.  Somewhere along the line, it was determined that older workers cost more and were not as productive, which of course was totally off the charts misinformation.  They are well known for their work ethic which is far more important in terms of productivity than what they might cost in insurance benefits. They are dependable and reliable, the last of the greatest generation along with the boomers.  The turnover is less too than the younger worker statistics. Companies are hiring older works and providing training programs as well.

So, if you are an “older person,” don’t wait another minute to get trained for healthcare jobs.  A great place to start looking is www.med-certification.com where a variety of training is available at very affordable prices.  Just do it!