Accelerated Code Search and Assignment for Precise Productivity

We were so impressed with this coding software product that we have been selling it for 15 years. Here’s an overview:

Alpha II Coding System’s comprehensive front-end code search and coding edit capabilities power essential revenue improvement reports, a great practice benefit.

For a coder (and a practice), Alpha II provides an interactive software tool, and helps medical coders work many times faster than possible with manual reference books. But more importantly, the Alpha II content database practically guarantees that the resulting work will be both accurate and complete.

Precise coding can minimize denials, demonstrate medical necessity, ensure compliance, and help organizations capture more legitimate reimbursement.

The original coding software for outpatient healthcare, conceptualized by a physician in the early 1980s,

Coding System serves thousands of professional coders, nurses, charge entry personnel, schedulers, and consultants. Today, due to its clinically-oriented design, it’s also used by doctors. Even a state Medicaid agency puts Coding System’s support for advanced medical decision-making to work as an auditing tool.

Coding System Functions

  • ICD-9, CPT® and HCPCS codes
  • ICD-9 ultimate specificity
  • Comprehensive, proprietary medical necessity edits
  • CCI bundling/unbundling edits
  • Modifier usage correction and recommendations
  • E&M code generator
  • RVU sequencing
  • CPT notes in support of coding or billing decisions
  • Global fee period calculation
  • Sophisticated E&M Generation

Alpha II’s proprietary tools for E&M generation help healthcare providers strengthen reimbursement by avoiding under-coding and maintain compliance by preventing over coding.

Given the risks of over-coding, many organizations tend to under-code as a precaution. But because Coding System has the intelligence to calculate medical complexity, the application can provide an accurate basis for the often subjective medical decision making component of E&M billing. Based on documentation, number of diagnoses, amount of data, and mortality and morbidity risk, CodingSystem can generate compliant, objective E&M coding. It is both an intuitive, stand-alone application and complete desktop solution that allows users to look up codes and perform edits all in one program.

Alpha II’s database design enables clinically-oriented code searches. Users can look up codes based on condition name, common name, acronym, or site. With Coding System, code searches more closely resemble the way patients are actually diagnosed.

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