Medical transcription has been in use since the 1950’s. This is used to keep records of patients and since the doctor cannot do it themselves, this is where people like you who have the training can come in to help them and at the same time make some money.

Medical Transcription Training: There are a lot of medical transcription schools that offer training programs but it’s important to know the difference to get the best education.

To qualify, plan to enroll in an institution that follows the syllabus designed by the American Association of Medical Transcription or AAMT now “AHDI.” Most competent schools use those guidelines.

The important thing for you to learn is the medical language used by doctors so the dictated information may be correctly transcribed. Such transcripts include clinical notes, consultation notes, history and physicals, discharge summaries, autopsy reports,  laboratory reports, psychiatric evaluations, operation reports, X-rays as well as referral letters.

Just to give you an idea, some medical transcription services have been outsourced abroad because of cheaper labor costs. Two countries that have been doing quite well in this endeavor include India and the Philippines as a majority of the people who come from there are capable of managing English speech, as well as being willing to work for much lower wages.

What kind of equipment is needed to set up your own medical transcription business? Most MT companies require fast internet connections, ability to access and/or download digital dictation, good computer system with a word processor. Digital spellcheckers and autotype features improve speed. All of the interchange must be hack-proof to assure HIPAA (privacy act) compliance.

Will medical transcription still be around for the foreseeable future? Many experts say yes because although there are already computer software programs that have been built and used by doctors and hospitals, the editing issues are still significant enough to require professional editing.

For more information about medical transcription school read all about it then enroll or call 1-888-771-1902 to ask any questions.