ICD-10 Coding Certification

Many associations and healthcare providers want certification for ICD-10 coders.  It is expected that the ICD-10 certification will be necessary to maintain any coding certification, CPC, etc., and various similar designations.

ICD-10 certification

Med-Certification.com provides a proficiency assessment available for ICD-10 certification.  Certified coders as well as those who plan to certify this year, will want to consider adding the ICD-10 certification.

Certifications show employers dedication and commitment to a profession. They show credibility and knowledge about various career responsibilities.  If you are considering coding training and/or certification, we’ve got the practice tools to teach you how, make sure you know your stuff with practice testing, and finally certifying with virtual proof of your capability.

To maintain certification, continuing education credits (CECs or CEUs) are required.  Med-certification.com has the credits available and all resources for study are on-line available from your home.

Certification as a medical coding specialist is still currently mostly voluntary but well worth pursuing.  Staying abreast of the information and technology with continuing education is important too!