Free Billing-Coding Training

Free billing and coding, transcription and legal courses to get inside knowledge of what a medical coding-billing, transcription, medical office assistant/administrator career is like and what is involved in the learning process.

The health care and legal fields continue to represent the fastest growing segment of the economy. Increasing numbers of trained career-oriented professionals enter this promising field each year, sharing common goals, interests and needs. Learn what’s involved in the career and how to become a healthcare or legal professional with our free “All Abouts.”

Formerly, it was possible to download them from this page, however, many medical biling-coding websites “invaded” and linked to this page so now they are available only by email request. So click on contact and fill out a request for any that interest you and we will send it ASAP by email.

  • Legal Careers (Paralegal & Legal Assistant, Legal Transcriber)
  • Medical:  Billing, Coding, Office Assistant, Office Manager, Health Insurance, Pharmacy Technician

We also have some nifty FREE TRAINING SAMPLES so you can see how platform learning works. Email for your choice as noted below.

  • Medical Transcription
  • Medical Billing-Coding
  • Legal – Citation Workbook

Career and Life Planner – helps you figure out what you are good at and should try to do.