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Medical Office Manager Training Course Certified CMOM
The Medical Office Manager/Administration Training Course is a gold mine creating opportunities for administrative or managerial positions in a medical provider office, clinic, or a hospital.  It’s a great way to embark in a rewarding and interesting career all in one package.  It adds the experience level for a new field: Compliance Planning. The medical office manager course is equivalent to 2 years college training at a fraction of the cost (typically about $20,000 at most schools). Learn all of it home at your own pace at a fraction of the cost. Check out what’s included so you can shop around with more information – Medical Office Manager Training Course

What to Expect:

Learn the skills in a fast track training program, complete with comprehensive test and practice exams to provide not only the basic theories needed, but have lots of hands on experience all the way.  Medical charts, billings, insurance – lots of  hands-on practice.  Then get great jobs!!

Payment and Financing If you can’t pay in full, the simplest method is PayPal BillMeLater, available to any PayPal account holder. When you are in your PayPal account, you have the option to use your PP balance, a credit card or BillMeLater. If you don’t have a BillMeLater account, It takes about 30 seconds for a quick credit score, and PP will either approve or decline the credit. If approved, you can finish the transaction. PP options offer no interest on set monthly terms. You may also choose to use our PP invoice system, so just let us know if you prefer invoicing. Call 888-771-1902 for the invoice option or email info@med-certification.com.

Career Overview:

Medical Office Managers administrate healthcare provider functions in clinics and hospitals, working with providers, managing support staff, assisting or providing human resource functions, developing and expediting policies/procedures and compliance plans. Must understand all provider operational functions from management to coding, billing, reimbursement, reporting and contract care. Need is increasing as governmental agencies increase the compliance complications.

Earnings: Salaries for medical office managers depending on education and experience, are in the range of $50,000 to $75,000. Those who establish consultant businesses often make more. Those who work in provider offices are salaried, with benefits. Learn more here: Medical Office Management

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