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Medical Career Certification

Med-Certification has a very effective pre-testing process to help you prepare for certification. The CertBlaster Exam simulates a realistic test environment with questions to help you fully prepare for the actual certification exam.

  • 100s of Medical and Legal Practice Exam Questions and Case Studies
  • Practice Exams to evaluate your personal knowledge base
  • You get the answers to compare to your own
  • Focus on areas you need for research and further study
  • Evaluate your performance and readiness for certification testing

Industry surveys show that certified staff earn more than their non-certified peers.

Example: Certified coders earn nearly 20% more!


About Us

Hello, and welcome to our site. We want you to know we know what we are doing, how to make medical and legal careers easily learnable and lots about getting work. We’ve been at it a long, long time. Need to get certified? We do that too!

The staff involved in creating the training programs and in developing the certification criteria and testing are well qualified in the health and legal fields. Much of the foundation for the training programs came through Meditech with its many clients in the medical and legal field.  The collective experience includes many years in the business of outsourced medical transcription, coding and billing, medical office administration, patient information and management software development and utilization, and a broad background in the law. The training programs were ultimately delivered on the Internet, one of the earliest successful commercial efforts for online education (1994).

What is Medical Coding – ICD-9-10 and CPT?

Medical coding is pretty simple really. All you do is assign a number to every disease, disorder, ailment, medical complaint, or condition and then use another number to describe every procedure. Those codes describe every diagnosis and treatment. The codes are used to create databases and drive the entire reimbursement process. That, essentially, is what medical coding is all about…translating detailed diagnostic and treatment information into standardized alpha-numerical codes.

What purpose does this codification serve? The primary benefit is standardization. Everybody involved uses and understands the codes. Wordy and complicated diagnoses and treatments that might fill multiple pages with detailed patient encounter information are reduced to short numeric codes. Thus, a patient record might consume several lines of codes summarizing the whole patient history.

  • Medical Career Training & Certification

Hello, and welcome to the world of fast track career training and certification.

  • Training and Certification for Medical Billing-Coding (+ICD-10)
  • Medical Office Assistant and Administration
  • Medication Aide
  • Transcription (Legal and Medical)
  • Legal Assistant and Paralegal

Learn about medical and legal careers here, what’s involved, what’s included, how much it costs, and how to certify. Most schools don’t publish prices but we believe a site should provide enough information to make a decision. If you need to know more, we’re available by phone or email too (imagine that).

TRAINING: Review what’s available, read about it, jump in and do it in a fast track system that will get you working. Spend a fraction of the cost and take a third of the time it would take in a college or school. Be ready to work when you finish a program. Be aware that healthcare is still the leader in job growth. Hover over the “Training Courses” at the top menu and all will display. Click on any to read about it.

A detailed overview of every career is available here: “All Abouts” for Every Program/Career

CERTIFICATION: Both practice prep testing (Certblasters) and certification (Exam-Guards) testing are available. The tests are the virtual benchmarks in the professional fields we serve and used by many schools throughout the U.S. Hover over the “Certification” menu at the top of the page and all of the certifications are listed. Click on any to see what’s involved.

PLATFORM LEARNING:Using platform learning for 40 years, we’ve trained thousands of professionals. Intense information is much easier to learn and remember using this system. Free Minicourses.  Just click here for a sample.

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS – CEUS: No matter where you certify, continuing education credits are available here at Med-Certification. Review that process here: CEUs

INSIDER NEWS: Lots of inside information about medical issues, rules, regulations, compliance, coding – all the latest on ICD-10 Coding (and yes we train for that too). Scan through the subject matter and you will learn a lot. NEWS

SO…. Plan to stay at home to learn all you need to know for a great future. Study at your own pace, in your own time frame, all in a self-directing wonderful way to learn. Save thousands of dollars and much precious time to get where you want to go. Who better can teach than people who have actually performed in all the subject matter provided…WE DID…for over 20 years. The pricing is designed to be as affordable as possible, with both online and CD versions. Support is available from top notch instructors from your keyboard. Just do it!!

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